Apex Legends Live (PS4) SEASON 6 BOOSTED LIVE COUNTDOWN - Rampart Pro! | NEW Time UPDATE!

Playing Apex Legends LIVE! (PS4) Season 6 boosted Has a new start time! THE LIVE COUNTDOWN BEGINS AND WONT END TILL THE EVENT IS LIVE! NEW UPDATE TIME is at 1:00 AM EST! (aug18) This new update brings a new legend, map changes, and new weapon the Volt, And so much more! The future Rampart Pro is warming up! Always Be Closing New LTM Gameplay!! The Spitfire has a new hop up, the Graffiti Mod! Useing it all day! Season 6 hype is here! If you a new make sure you are subscribed with notifications turned on if you want to know when I go live! I live stream nearly every day!

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