Can You Beat Fallout: New Vegas With Only 1 Life?

There are a lot of fun challenges you could try your hand at in Fallout New Vegas. Restrict yourself to certain weapons, remove vital aspects of the core gameplay, install a mod to take a hands off approach to wasteland destruction. But what if you wanted something more… permanent? Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas With Only 1 Life?

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Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas With Only 1 Life? (in text form)

This challenge probably works exactly the way you thought it would, if I die at any point in the playthrough, I start the entire game over. Simple as that. But if you’ve seen my videos, you know I’m a fan of the cheese technique. I usually rely heavily on the quick save feature to save scum my way through the game, which is why I decided that I would only reload a save if the game crashed.

My SPECIAL stats were fairly standard, I drained Charisma, put points into Endurance, Intelligence, and Luck, then spread out the rest to have a decent selection of perks to choose from, and picked Barter, Guns, and Medicine as my Tag skills. If you wanted to play it safe, you’d go for Speech to avoid confrontation, but relying on Speech all the time is boring. What’s the point of doing a perma-death run if you change your mind and talk your way out of a fight. Barter was only to be able to afford supplies early on. My traits were Skilled to provide a small boost to all skills and Fast Shot because why not. It’s the opposite of Trigger Discipline, which is what I usually take.

After looting Pink Mouth’s house for all his toys, I went outside, made a failsafe YOLO save, sold what I didn’t need to Chet, bought myself a Silenced Weaponry, and entered the saloon looking for a good time. And by god did I find it. With my only Holy Point round, I gently sent this Settler to the afterlife, draped his body over the toilet as an homage to me during movie night in the Mitten Squad Discord server, borrowed this cup’s handgun, blew apart their cousins outside in the firefight of the century, and got to work haggling with the barkeep. You might be asking yourself why I’m buying food, well that’s because I’m also playing on Hardcore Mode. But I’m not, like, what’s the word, good at video games, so I’m only playing on Normal instead of Very Hard.