Can You Beat Fallout: New Vegas With Only Bean Bag Rounds?

Pick any gun in Fallout: New Vegas and the odds are good that you’ll find a couple different kinds of bullets that work with it. But there’s one ammo type that serves absolutely no purpose. Using it will only make your life worse. Can You Beat Fallout: New Vegas With Only Bean Bag Rounds?

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Can You Beat Fallout: New Vegas With Only Bean Bag Rounds? (in text form)

Guns will be the primary skill to focus on. Bean bag rounds by definition cannot be lethal, which means pumping up my gun Skill can’t hurt anyone. Your skill with a firearm is derived from your Agility and Luck, every gymnast knows that. Intelligence will help with the learning of the shotgun, the ability to speak won’t matter in a few minutes so Charisma is a dump, and for my skills I chose Guns, Barter and, here comes the odd ball, Speech. I’m not talking my way out of anything. There’s one specific skill check that needs a 20 in speech to pass. Traits are weird. I wanted to pick Gifted and one of the Skilled traits to see what the combination of effects would be with them both. In the 10 or so seconds I tried to think through it I made negative progress. Then I thought maybe take Trigger Discipline and Steady Aim Pro to spice up the gunplay a little. I eventually settled on Skilled, duh, and Bloody Mess, got off the couch, and set foot outside for the first time.

You saw this coming 3 years away, I need Bean Bag Rounds before I can do anything resembling a Bean Bag Round only play through. Chet didn’t stock any in stock and there aren’t a ton of places to find them. The Fallout Wiki doesn’t have a list of locations for finding Bean Bag rounds like it does for most weapons and ammo types and ned’s declassified wasteland survival guide only mentions them one time, I was in uncharted terrirtory. With nowhere else to turn, the Gun Runners seemed like a safe choice. This is standard pacifist stuff I’ll skim through it: what you’re gonna wanna do is pas through Hidden Valley, try to lure the baby rad scorpions to Black Mountain, avoid the Deathclaws by cuddling with the mountain, discover Repconn, arrive at Camp McCarren just in time to instigate a conflict, and find my brother trapped behind the glass. If he’s in a good mood or God is smiling on your wallet, he’ll have at least a few Bean Bags back there with him (steal them). This time he had 19 which cost me 76 currency. Before testing the usefulness of my beans, I wanted more. That 5% damage number was still lingering in the back of my mind and I’d need more ammo anyway. Every gun does an amount of damage that can be modified by skills, chems, armor, perks, ammo type, and probably other stuff I’m leaving out. For example, A 9mm Pistol does lets say 25 damage with normal bullets. Hollow points might make it do 25% more damage against unarmed targets and 75% against those in armor. Bean Bags take that concept and kicks its f*cking teeth in. Bean Bags rounds make your gun do 5% of the damage it usually would. Fractions are tough, if you’re still confused, I get it. Worry not, the consequences of bean bags existing will be felt soon enough.