Can You Beat Prey (2017) With Only A Wrench?

There are a lot of ways to play Prey. You could stealth your way through the ship, being a savior to every person you find. You could become an alien and use the corpses of fallen crew-mates to do your bidding. Or you could just whack stuff with a piece of metal and see what happens. Can You Beat Prey (2017) With Only A Wrench?

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Can You Beat Prey (2017) With Only A Wrench? (in text form)

Hello Morgan, it’s me, Yu, and it’s our first day on the job at TranStar Industries. They gave birth to the technology that will one day make us all Gods. But for now, I’m a lab rat. Alex Yu, saw that my eye was half filled with red, and as an employee for a company that does business, my job for the day is to jump through 4 very pretty hoops. First, when asked to hide, I turned my back and hid the front of my face behind the back of my head. I missed the 2nd button, pouted for the rest of the time in that room, answered a couple trick questions, got the important question right, this guy’s coffee was a little too black, as was my vision, and I woke up ready to start Day 2 down at the old salt mine, but nothing is what is seems, this life is but a dream. January, my mechanical consiouence, won’t let me go down without a fight. With my wrench in hand, I was free of the simulation and begin to start piecing together what happening.

Based on all available evidence I can say with a high degree of confidence that I’m probably not gonna get that lanyard I was promised back on my first day. Equally as important is the Typhon infestation aboard Talos 1. The Typhon are Ditto if Ditto got bullied as a kid. They disguise themselves in plain sight, have tentacles (that’s a good thing), and can easily overwhelm the most experienced plumbers if they attack in groups. On the topic of combat, the Wrench Only restriction will itself be restricted to combat. If I’m damaging an enemy, it must be caused by the Wrench or a moron accidentally sneezing while testing the pin strength of a grenade. Body augmentations called Neuromods can be unlocked by harvesting slugs to upgrade your ability to be a person. Some make the wrench do more damage, some increase health, some make you stronger, some even increase jump height. If you can do something, there’s probably a neuromod to make you better at it.

They’re optional in the same way your senses are an optional part of being alive. In the Talos Lobby I upgraded my health a bit and journeyed upstairs to the Morgan Yu Offices to uncover the truth. Weapons can be upgraded, not the wrench though keep your socks on. Sh*t got real before it hit the fan when I upgraded my jump height by 25%. That when I revealed that January is a backup of myself created to help me when I got lost in my mind again. Confused? So was I. I broke the glass before I learned what came next, big bro tried to settle me down, and I set off for Doctor Calvino’s lab to find a way un-sever the connection to the looking glass server I just broke.