CHUBBY SQUADS! Ice Scream Charlies vs. EVIL NUN! (FGTeeV HORROR BRAWL Multiplayer Victory Royale)

I prefer this over Fortnite ANY DAY! Keplerians, the team who brought you Ice Scream, Mr Meat and Evil Nun made a MULTIPLAYER Battle Royale game.
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Currently you can be William, the blue handed kid from Evil Nun, Rebecca the Piggy Girl from Mr. Meat, J or Charlie from Ice Scream. There are chests around the map to collect wee upons and take out the other players in the map to be the last one standing and getting to the portal of Victory Royale! If you collect 4 Chaos Stones, you can turn into EVIL NUN who is O.P. We need Ice Scream ROD update for this game ASAP Keplerians! :) Anyways, hope you enjoy this gameplay... it was no doubt extremely fun to play!

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