FNAF Animatronics Explained - FREDDY (Five Nights at Freddy's Facts)

Freddy Fazbear is the central antagonist of most of the FNAF games and the most prominent character from creator Scott Cawthon's massive roster of animatronics. He even carries the Fazbear Entertinment name and is the poster child for their various restaurants. There have been many versions of Freddy over the years and he appears in some for in every Five Nights at Freddy's game. In this video we look at the history behind this animatronic, some key facts and theories as well as checking out his counterparts. Animatronics such as Helpy, Toy Freddy, Nightmare Freddy and Dreadbear. So sit back, relax and let's relive some more FNAF themed nostalgia with a look at everything we know about Freddy Fazbear...

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