HIDING on MARS from THANOS in Insane Craft

Today @Sigils and @Biffle escape to Mars in Insane Craft to hide from @SSundee aka Thanos

‍‍‍ Insane Craft Members:
▶️@Sigils: http://youtube.com/SigilsPlaysGames
▶️@Biffle: http://youtube.com/BiffleWiffle
▶️@Henwy: http://youtube.com/Henwy
▶️@Nicovald: http://youtube.com/Nicovald
▶️@Spark Universe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSAxOXkREAxqiABm79KnllQ
▶️@JeromeASF: http://youtube.com/JeromeASF
▶️@SSundee: http://youtube.com/SSundee

About Insane Craft:
Insane Craft is a Minecraft modpack made by Spark Squared for Sigils, Biffle, Henwy, Nicovald, SSundee, JeromeASF. Inspired by Crazy Craft and designed to be the most fun and wild SMP on YouTube!

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HIDING on MARS from THANOS in Insane Craft