How it FEELS to Play Demoman in TF2

I hereby declare that DEMOMAN TAKES SKILL
(demoknight and sidegrades will be discussed in the followup video)
Wow I finally did it I finally put over 1000 hours into a video FEELS GOOD MAN (help)

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But in particular, thank you to:
No Copyright Sounds for "Candyland" at 4.11
Metal Fortress for Drunken Pipe Bomb (Final Remix) at 8.23 -
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound (royalty free music website)

Thank you again to Alaxe for 3D model work throughout the video, Ardate for animating the SFM sequences from 12.40-13.35 (except shanking heavy), Serket for constant advice + the chalkboard at 11.18
And of course thank you as always to the entire SFM and Source (Hammer) community for helping me through technical issues.

I hope you learned how it feels to play demoman in tf2 :)

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