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Schlatt plays Wii Sports Resort again but this time it's sponsored and he's making a lot of money to do it.

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Edited by Schlatt + @Condifiction

We all know and love classic Wii games Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. After Schlatt and Minx were cute together for 18 minutes straight, Schlatt becomes the God of Wii Sports for like the fifth time because milking content has never been easier. Unfortunately the Wi-Bowl is nowhere to be seen, nor is the reflection of the beautiful James Charles (please go on a hot Minecraft Date with me, James -- I love your James Charles makeup and also your Sisters merch!). Just some eBay Wii Accessories (remember, Schlatt is an eBay Scam Artist) and a gift from our favorite Wyoming (where?) resident. Tiger Woods returns from rehab to play Wii Sports Golf, Wii Sports Bowling, and Wii Sports Power Cruising with a perfect score. Unfortunately, the world hates lefties so it's a bigger trainwreck than that one time in 2009.