I went on a Minecraft date.

Schlatt goes on a Minecraft date with Minx. Oh my god it's so romantic I'm so jealous of the connection they have.

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Edited by ME! ALL BY MYSELF!

After Schlatt's appearance on Austin's Twitch show Love or Host (previously known as the Rajjchelor / Rajjchelorette) where he dumps JustaMinx in front of millions and millions of people and also breaks several keyboards, the honeymoon couple go on a hot Minecraft date. No fun 1.16 Minecraft mods in sight, no speedrunner vs hunters (thanks Dream, please let me join the Dream SMP, or maybe even START WAR on the Dream SMP -- I Love Minecraft!), no SMPLive Deals And Business, no "Minecraft, but" challenge videos, no poppage whatsoever... just some intense romance between Schlatt and Minx. It's basically Schlatt and Minx being cute for 18 minutes straight, or maybe even Schlatt roasting Minx for 18 minutes straight. Kind of like CallMeCarson and Katerino except Minx would never do that to me because I wouldn't allow it. Light up your favorite Woman Scented Candle and give this one a go fellas. How's that for metadata word soup.