My Homie That I'd Kiss Goodnight.

He's my best friend, and also my worst friend. I'ts Moxi's VRChat best moments.

Moxi -

Videos in order of appearance:
0:34 VRChat is getting too spooky for you
1:18 A Night At Her Museum.
2:50 What it's like to be a boy in VRCHAT
3:17 Protecting Girls In VRCHAT
4:39 She Cancelled Earth.
6:07 Cow Girl Gets Milked In VRCHAT
7:10 Big Girl Makes Meat In VRCHAT
7:58 Putting my 90 year old grandpa in VRCHAT
8:27 My grandpa won't stop playing VRCHAT
9:30 She Smashed It Too Hard.
10:49 When The Whole Squad Plays VRCHAT
12:33 A Hot Day In VRCHAT
13:38 This Little Kid Is Too Young For VRCHAT
14:07 My VRChat Girlfriend Eats Sand.
14:59 Can We Kiss During The Apocalypse?
17:24 VR Is A Hot Nightmare.
20:02 Good Girls Like Bad Guys In VRCHAT
20:27 Girl Sells Bath Water In VRCHAT
21:14 Girl Ruins My Birthday In VRCHAT
21:58 We Hired A Secretary Girl In VRCHAT

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