Fortnite *GLITCHING* INSIDE the GROTTO - How to!
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Hey there - I'm Ali-A! Thanks for watching one of my videos! :) I make daily gaming videos and have a load of fun doing it. Make sure you're checking out more of my videos and "SUBSCRIBE" to be notified every time I upload. Thanks - Enjoy the video! :D

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Ali-A Fortnite Maps!
Ali-A Gun Game! - 9378-2655-7894
Ali-A World! - 6799-0061-6728
Ali-A Box Fight 1v1 - 2345-5663-8681
Ali-A Box Fight 2v2 to 5v5 - 2066-1508-4270
Ali-A Box Fight 16 Players - 0354-3907-1263
Ali-A Box Fight 16 (Respawn) - 7211-0450-1109

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