Rust - SOLO Player Robs a CLAN!

Welcome back to another video! Today's adventure is a part 2/2 that continues the story that I began in my last upload:

In our story today the fighting at Launch Site takes off and I attempt to make as many plays as possible to begin gathering high tier gear. An unfriendly run-in with some new neighbors, several raids, and loads of thrilling PvP filled the remaining days of the wipe as well as a guest appearance from a good friend whom you all probably know. I hope you enjoy the video!




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1st song: Collision Course - Wendel Scherer
2nd song: Evangelish - Ondolut
3rd song: A Cradle Song - Mary Riddle
4th song: I Like Your Suit - Ava Low
5th song: Solutions in the Book - Rachel Meyer
6th song: Besame un Poco - Son Habana
7th song: Osaka 3AM - Ooyy
8th song: Sunset Road - Marc Torch
9th song: Lost inside the Dream - Chaxti
10th song: Inside the Matryoshka - Timothy Lewis
11th song: Self-Reflection - Claude Signet
12th song: Append - Martin Gauffin
13th song: Still Cold - Crystal Shards
14th song: Tudor - Bonnie Grace
15th song: Blue Sunset - Rand Aldo
16th song: Froot Loops - Jobii
17th song: Aoraki - Ooyy
18th song: Careful Thoughts - Spectacles Wallet and Watch
19th song: In the Aftermath - Michael Rothery
20th song: In the Gloom - Michael Rothery
21st song: The Rain Against My Window - Johannes Bornlof
22nd song: Turncoat - Michael Rothery
23rd song: Nightwaves - Heath Cantu
24th song: Unveiled - Michael Rothery
25th song: Arms of Gold - Tape Machines
26th song: Stick It to You - Craig Reever
27th song: Hold on Hold Up - The New Fools
28th song: Sleeping Bags - OTE
29th song: I Am Next to You - Alight The Night
Outro song: Para Mi - Bassio


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