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He spent 50 minutes diving into awful Dreamworks games. And now, Caddy spends 1 hour diving into awful Pixar games. Buzz. Please stop looking at me like that. Thanks to ExpressVPN for sponsoring - and click my link right here to get 3 MONTHS FOR FREE!

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Oh dear. Watch out, internet - Caddy is back after his horrific bad Dreamworks games adventure, now ready to jump into the world of bad Pixar games. You’d think with Disney that this wouldn’t be the case, but oh, you’d be wrong. Well, to be fair, there’s a few bits of gold here - but it’s mostly some of the worst games ever. Worst games of all time kind of levels, in some places. In this video and review, sit down and get ready for my deep dive into 20+ Disney Pixar games that are definitely not as good as the Disney Pixar Movies they’re based on. Get ready for Brave Xbox 360 gameplay including the Kinect review, Cars Xbox 360 gameplay and Cars review, Cars 2 Xbox 360 gameplay and Cars review, Cars Mater National Championship Xbox 360 gameplay and Cars Mater National review (yes, there’s a lot of Pixar Cars here, and I’m not sorry), Ratatouille Xbox 360 gameplay, Ratatouille review, Toy Story 3 Xbox 360 gameplay and Toy Story 3 review, Wall E Xbox 360 gameplay and Wall E review, Ratatouille Food Frenzy Nintendo DS gameplay and Food Frenzy review, Toy Story Gameboy gameplay and Toy Story review (not the Toy Story SNES game, don’t worry), Monsters Inc Scare Island PS2 gameplay (or Monsters Inc Scream Team PS1 gameplay) and Monsters Inc Scare Island/Monsters Inc Scream Team review, The Incredibles Xbox gameplay and Incredibles review, The Incredibles Rise of the Underminer gameplay and Rise of the Underminer review - which are both more popular on being The Incredibles PS2 gameplay I’m sure - and I can say the same as Finding Nemo Gamecube gameplay, which was most likely played more as Finding Nemo PS2 gameplay with a Finding Nemo review, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command PS1 gameplay and Star Command review, The Incredibles GBA gameplay and Gameboy Advance review, LEGO Incredibles PC review and LEGO Incredibles gameplay, Pixar Up PSP gameplay and Up review, Cars 3 Driven to Win PS4 gameplay and Cars 3 PS4 review…...basically, there’s a lot here. I even take a very quick look back at previous Disney Pixar games I’ve looked at in the past - I revisit Toy Story 2 PS1 gameplay with a Toy Story 2 PS1 review (and of course, the AMAZING Toy Story 2 PS1 OST and music!), Toy Story Racer PS1 gameplay with Toy Story Racer review, and even A Bug’s Life PS1 gameplay with A Bug’s Life PS1 review (once again, with epic music). Lots of Traveller’s Tales games here, lots of good, lots of bad, and lots of Silicon Graphics Computers. Caddicarus Pixar Games ahoy.

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